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By William Shakesepeare
Abridged and directed by Milo Graamans


Coriolanus, an arrogant celebrity soldier in ancient Rome, has become a political candidate. When the citizens see his true colors, they banish him from the city. Out of spite, Coriolanus joins forces with his former enemies to seek revenge on Rome.

This production presents Coriolanus as a political tragedy, and contains no onstage violence. Using the original (but abridged) text, the setting is modern, with the common Roman citizens indistinguishable from the audience.

AUDITIONS: Monday, May 29 @ 6:00 PM
at the Newport Performing Arts Center (777 W Olive)

Callbacks (if needed) on Tuesday, May 30

Rehearsals begin: July 24, 2023
Production dates: October 20 - November 5, 2023


All roles are open to actors of any age, race, or gender.



Caius Martius Coriolanus — An arrogant soldier with celebrity status. As he runs for political office it becomes evident that he is out of touch with the public.

Volumnia — Coriolanus's cold-hearted mother who raised him to be a warrior; she is a strong matriarch.

Menenius Agrippa — A Roman nobleman, well respected by the people, and a friend to Coriolanus.

Sicinius Velutus & Junius Brutus — The crafty tribunes who manipulate the crowd into voting against Coriolanus.



Tullus Aufidius — A Volscian general and greatest rival to Coriolanus.

Cominius — A former Roman consul and one of Coriolanus's friends and commanding officers.

Titus Lartius — One of Coriolanus's friends and commanding officers.

Virgilia — Coriolanus's loyal wife.


(Please note that if you are cast in an ensemble role, you will most likely be doubling two or more of the following parts.)

Citizens — The citizens decide whether to elect Coriolanus as consul. These are fun roles with a lot of fourth-wall breaking.


Young Martius — Coriolanus and Virgilia's young son.

Valeria — A friend to Volumnia and Virgilia.

Adrian — A Volscian.